Sardinhas de Lisboa

Sardine Contest, promoted by EGEAC Lisboa

2024, Desidratada

This sardine doesn’t want to be dry or ruin the party! It comes to warn that climate change is real, as is the scenario of extreme drought. Let’s not let the party die!

2023, Sardinha IVA Zero

In 2023 the Portuguese government decided to lower the VAT on various food products. This sardine contains some of them. As said by our Prime Minister António Costa: “with VAT at zero it tastes even better!”. Let’s believe!

2021, Sardinha-Espiga

On the 13th of May, the ear branch is harvested. Each plant has its symbolism: rosemary – health, poppy – love, marigold – wealth, corn cob – bread, vine – joy and olive tree – peace. After harvesting, the branch must be watched behind the entrance door and it remains there all year, until it is replaced the year after, symbol of protection.